How long is ETIAS valid for?

After the application for an ETIAS visa waiver has been submitted and the traveller has received approved travel authorisation, it will be valid for a period of three consecutive years or until the passport expires.

Not only is an ETIAS document valid for a 3-year period, but passengers to Europe can use it for multiple short-term entries. ETIAS grants visitors stays of up to 90 days in a 180 day period.

When completing the application, the tourist will have to provide travel details and select the member country for their arrival. Visitors must apply with a valid passport in order to obtain an ETIAS. If their passport expires, it will also invalidate their ETIAS.

If this happens, the foreign traveller will have to enroll once again with the ETIAS system. Visitors from visa-exempt countries will be expected to have a valid travel authorisation upon arrival at a Schengen member country port of entry.