ETIAS visa waiver for San Marino

Canadians travelling to the European microstate of San Marino from 2022 onwards will need to obtain an ETIAS for San Marino before departure.

ETIAS is not a visa. It is a security initiative being introduced to Schengen Area countries with the goal of cracking down on terrorism and making life within the Schengen states safer and more secure. Thanks to the ETIAS, this increased security will also be enjoyed by Canadians travelling to San Marino.

How can Canadians apply for ETIAS to visit San Marino?

Etias San Marino for canadians

To obtain an ETIAS for San Marino, Canadian nationals need to complete a short, simple application form online. This form will ask applicants for personal information including name, address, and date of birth, passport details (number, dates of issue and expiry), itinerary for San Marino, and details about health status and criminal record.

In order to submit this form once it has been completed, applicants will also need to have a valid Canadian passport, a debit/credit card for payment of the processing fee, and an email address. Providing a working email address is particularly important, since ETIAS approval will be delivered to successful applicants electronically.

Travelling to San Marino from Canada with an ETIAS authorisation

Once an application has been successfully submitted, approval of the ETIAS San Marino for Canadians generally takes no more than a few minutes. The ETIAS visa waiver is linked to the Canadian passport electronically and verified when the travel document is scanned at the border.

An ETIAS for San Marino will be valid for 3 years and will permit holders to visit the Schengen Area multiple times, provided each stay is for a duration of 90 days or less within a 180-day period. Those applying for ETIAS to visit San Marino should also be aware that this authorisation will allow them to move freely and without additional documentation between all 26 countries of the Schengen Area.

Basic information about San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is a microstate located in the Apennine Mountains. It is surrounded by Italy on all sides, and as such, is considered an enclave. It is the fifth smallest country in the world.

It is 24 square miles in area and has a population of around 34,000. Its capital city is City of San Marino, but its largest town is Dogana. The official language of San Marino is Italian.

Passport and document requirements

The most important item for Canadian ETIAS applicants to possess is a valid Canadian passport. The passport must be biometric so that the approved travel authorisation can be linked to the electronic chip.

The passport used to apply for ETIAS program to visit San Marino must be the same one used when entering San Marino, as an ETIAS authorisation cannot be transferred from one passport to another. Additionally, any ETIAS for San Marino attached to an expired passport automatically becomes invalid, even if it was issued less than 3 years ago.

Tourist information

San Marino claims to be the oldest sovereign state still in existence. In recognition of this ancient heritage, as well as of the many historical structures and artifacts within the country, San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Sights of the city center include ancient wall fortifications, medieval convents, the 18th century Titano Theatre, and the 19th century Basilica di San Marino, while Mount Titano features the Three Towers of San Marino.

The City of San Marino is also home to a number of museums showcasing everything from sacred art to contemporary painting to local history.

In terms of outdoor attractions, the microstate also boasts San Marino Adventures, the largest adventure park on the Adriatic Coast. This park offers hiking, archery, and pony rides among other activities.

Health information for travellers to San Marino

Canadian travellers will be able to access excellent healthcare in San Marino (and in most other parts of the Schengen Area). However, it is strongly recommended to purchase health insurance before departing on any trip to San Marino, as foreign nationals will not automatically be covered for healthcare expenses on Schengen territory.

Additionally, all prescription medications being brought into San Marino should be kept clearly labeled and in their original packaging.

To reach the emergency services while in San Marino, dial 112.

Canadian embassies and consulates in San Marino

Canada does not have an embassy in San Marino. The diplomatic interests of Canadians in San Marino are served by the Canadian Embassy in Rome, Italy.

Rome – Embassy of Canada

Address: Via Zara 30 00198 Rome
Telephone: +39 06.85444.1