ETIAS visa waiver for Malta

From 2022 onwards, Canadian citizens will need to apply for ETIAS to visit Malta. Malta, one of the smallest nations in Europe, is visited by Canadians for a variety of reasons. Canadians can stay in Malta for up to 90 days without a visa but will soon need to register with the European Travel Information and Authorisation System prior to departure.

ETIAS is being rolled out by the Schengen Area authorities to increase public safety and security while reducing the risk of terrorism in Europe. It will allow residents and visitors alike to enjoy life within the Schengen Area with greater security.

Applying for the ETIAS visa waiver to visit Malta

Etias Malta for canadians

Canadian citizens can apply for an ETIAS visa waiver to visit Malta by filling out an online form.  ETIAS is not a visa, the application is form is quick to complete with basic personal information, including:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Details of their trip to Malta
  • Passport data: including passport number, date of issue, and date of expiry

Additionally, the form asks some questions around the applicant’s criminal history and health record. All the data recorded will then be checked against the major EU informational and security databases.

In order to submit their ETIAS application to visit Malta, applicants must possess a valid Canadian passport, a means of electronic payment to cover the application fee, and a working email address. It is important to provide a valid email address, as successful applicants will receive the ETIAS for Malta electronically.

Travelling to Malta from Canada with the ETIAS visa waiver

In the majority of cases, the ETIAS application for Malta for Canadians takes just a few minutes to be processed and approved. The visa waiver is linked to the passport electronically and verified when the document is scanned at the border Maltese, or other Schengen country, border.

The ETIAS for Malta allows holders to travel freely between any of the 26 Schengen member states for a period of up to 90 days within a single 180-day window. Once issued, it will remain valid for 3 years.

Basic information about Malta

Malta is a small island nation located on an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Its closest European neighbour is Italy. It has a population of less than 500,000 and an area of 122 square miles, with its capital city, Valetta, covering less than 1 square mile. The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English.

The Republic of Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

Passport and document requirements to visit Malta

In order to fulfill the ETIAS programme requirements for Canadians, citizens must be in possession of a valid Canadian passport.

When travelling on the ETIAS Malta for Canadians, it is important that the passport used to enter the Schengen Area is the same one that was used to apply for the visa waiver. If this is not the case, the ETIAS for Malta will not be considered valid. Transfer of ETIAS authorisations between passports will not be possible. Likewise, any ETIAS attached to a passport that expires is automatically considered to be invalid, even if the ETIAS itself has not yet expired.

Tourist information for Malta

With its beautiful scenery, good weather, and rich history, Malta is a favourite tourist destination for Canadians, as well as for visitors from all over the world.

The country is split between three islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Due to its central location in the Mediterranean, this small archipelago features heritage sights, museums, and artefacts showcasing Neolithic, Roman, Norman, French, and British history, as well as the history of Christianity in Europe.

The islands also offer superb watersport activities, including scuba diving, water skiing, and sailing, as well as excellent golf courses such as the one found at the Marsa Sports Club.

Additionally, Malta is a hotspot for nightlife, from operas to clubbing, and features beautiful venues such as the 18th century Manoel Theatre.

Health information for travellers to Malta

Canadians travelling to Malta needing medical attention can make use of the expert doctors and high standard hospitals available in the country. However, Canadian visitors are strongly advised to purchase health insurance for their trip, in order to ensure that they are fully covered for any medical costs which may arise during their stay in Malta.

Additionally, Canadian nationals bringing prescription medications with them to Malta should make sure to carry these medications in their original packaging and have them clearly labelled.

To reach the emergency services in Malta, dial 112.

Canadian embassies and consulates in Malta

Canadian Honorary Consulate in Malta

Address: Demajo House, 103 Archbishop St., Valletta, (VLT) 09, Malta
Telephone: (+356) 25 520 000